The Jazz in the Park Fund

What is the Jazz in the Park Fund?
It’s the initiative through which we support various cultural and social projects together with you.

How does it work?
By means of the non-mandatory ticket. Practically,  all the events at the Jazz in the Park are access-free, but if you want to support our initiatives, you can do it by purchasing a non-mandatory ticket from The value of a ticket is 20 lei.

Can you buy the tickets otherwise?
Yes, you can do it during the festival, which will be held this year in the Central Park of Cluj-Napoca from 4th to 7th July. In exchange for the purchase of the ticket, you get the official bracelet and you have discounts on various Jazz in the Park accessories.

What projects do we support this year?
The cultural voucher
, a project of the Cluj Cultural Center, through which we want to help those who do not have the opportunity to buy tickets to a movie, a show or a concert, by giving them the opportunity to participate in such events for free. Your non-mandatory ticket is their mandatory ticket.

Art therapy, a Create.Act.Enjoy project that shares smiles in hospitals. This year, the project has expanded nationwide, and many patients have had moments of pure joy in the presence of mimes, clowns and many other characters who have brought them closer to art. With your help, the number of patients who benefit from the art therapy program can grow. Your non-mandatory ticket is their happiness.

Drama 5 – dramatic writing residencies, a project of REACTOR de creație și experiement, through which the development of contemporary Romanian dramaturgy is being pursued. Within the residencies, young playwrights have the opportunity to evolve professionally under the guidance of mentors, and to shape their identity and voice in the current theatrical landscape. Your non-mandatory ticket is a step forward for our culture.

Let’s do it together! It’s not mandatory, but it could have beautiful results.

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