Fraktale is Kraków based quartet, actively composing and performing music that can be described as structured improvisation with elements of jazz, psychedelia and widely perceived experimental music. The end of 2018 came with a release of their second studio album, titled “II”. In contrary to the first one – which was more of an attempt of structuring improvisations and breathing a bit of a continuum into them – “II” is a new shot of transforming an image into sound – an image that is sometimes idealized by time, and sometimes deconstructed with subliminal contents. Fraktale builds up their identity through every album, which is why “I” “II” and “DharmaBums” have such a complementary sound.

The group has won the 1st Place Award at the International Jazz in the Park Competition that took place in May 3-5 2019, in Iulius Parc and SubForm, Cluj-Napoca.

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