FrankieZ Experiment & Tereza Catarov


FrankieZ Experiment & Tereza Catarov, initited by Frankie Ercsei (drums), is a project born in Groningen, Netherlands, as the expression of a musical journey experimented by a group of musicians who are connected by the same artistic vision. Each artist of this group comes from a different cultural environment (Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Italy, and France) and has a different musical background. This cultural mixture makes their sound unique and kaleidoscopic.

Together with Tereza Catarov (voice), Frankie Ercsei came up with some compositions which blend the European touch with the affinity for New York musicʼs energy. Erdogan Cem Evin (guitar), Danielle Nasi (tenor saxophone) and Patrice Blanchard (electric bass) bring a personal vibration to the experiment.

The group won the 1st prize of the International Jazz in the Park Competition 2018.

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