Iordache describes his music as free jazz funk, where compositions and improvisations are governed by the rules of chance. Together with Silviu Groaza (trumpet); Alex Munteanu (saxophone tenor); Dan Mitrofan (guitar); Adi Stoenescu (electric piano); Uțu Pascu (bass) and Tavi Scurtu (drums), Iordache (alto and baritone saxophone, voice) has performed at some truly important jazz festivals in the country and abroad.

The last album of the band, Suita Titan, was recorded live in 2017, during a concert by pianist Lucian Ban at the ARCUB Cultural Center, and evokes the 70’s-80’s, a time when Romania switched from the somewhat relaxed socialism of the late 60’s to the Stalinism which ultomately led to the regime’s demise, in 1989. Built as a sentimental archaeology of Iordache’s childhood  in Bucharest’s largest district, Titan, the album portrays things like childhood’s games, the shouts of ambulant recyclers who offered to take away the empty bottles or scrap iron or president Nixon’s visit, going from the general landscape to the more personal one.

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