MALOX are Eyal Talmudi, Roy Chen and Assaf Talmudi, a crazy energetic Avantgarde trio, based in Israel. Malox was formed in 2008 as a duo, and have already completed three studio albums, performed at festivals and toured all over the world. Relentless in nature and versatile in form MALOX are a virtuoso musical force to be reckoned with.

Featuring Eyal Talmudi on saxophone, clarinet and bagpipes, Roy Chen on drums and Assaf Talmudi on keys, the Israeli trio delivers a high​ energy, free​form, one​two punch. Their music is raw and left​field yet equally catchy and undeniably danceable. Drawing from diverse genres such as jazz, polka, klezmer, punk or alternative rock their playfully complex compositions are a real trip.

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