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The Jazz in the Park 2018 Statistics: 9 rainy days, the biggest festival edition and the most doners ever

70.000 people took part in this festival during the last 11 days that took place during 21.06. – 01.07.2018 in different locations of Cluj-Napoca: in the park, on the shore, in Pata Rât, in the streets, at the Hungarian Opera and at the museum. There’s been very heavy showers during the first 9 days of the festival, but this did not keep the music lovers away.

The festival reached peak statistics: there’s been over 20.000 people in the park on Saturday, and over 6000 people have danced in front of the Main Stage during the Nouvelle Vague Concert.

This year’s edition brought together around 100 artists, out of which many are big names in the industry, names like Juan de Marcos, Richard Bona, Bill Laurance, the bands Nouvelle Vague, The Herbaliser, Forq and Fanfare Ciocârlia.

“This year’s edition was the most challenging one. Not only did we organize 11 festival days in multiple locations, but we only had to see through some pretty bad weather, but this has only brought us a greater satisfaction. We managed to overcome all of the difficulties and we welcomed a great public, despite the terrible weather. This is what encourages us and also makes us immensely happy. My conclusion is the same: the next edition will the best” – Alin Vaida, the director of the festival.

Juan de Marcos Afro-Cuban All Stars opened the festival and got the public dancing the whole time. Alfa Mist, Richard Bona, Nik Bartsch, Sona Jobarteh, Soweto Kinch, byron, Lucia and Silent Strike have gathered around 4.000 people.

During the last weekend of the festival, 54.000 people have enjoyed live music on all four stages in the park. The Jazz in the Park contest has brought around 7,000 people on the Shore of the Someș River. The concerts at the opera and at the museum gathered around 4,000 people, Pata Rât and Jazz in the Street, around 1,500 and around 2,000 people took part in the Jam sessions at Collin’s.

Who won the Jazz in the Park 2018 Trophy? 

The competition was won by the Romanian-Netherlandish band FrankieZ Experiment, that combines jazz with some fresh New York vibes. The band got the trophy and the 2,000 euro prize, offered by BCR and will play on the Main Stage at the next edition of Jazz in the Park. The second place was taken by Akos Fekecs Project, who won 1,000 euro and the third prize went to Lucia Rey Trio from Spain.

The jury was formed by Adam Huang – vice president of Chinese Musicians Association and founder of Nine Gates festival in Beijing, Ștefan Vannai – jazz teacher, Bagyi Balasz, founder of the Jazz Union in Hungary, Radu Pieloiu – member of Sebastian Spanache Trio, Monom, Helen and Alexandrina bands, Marius Chivu – editor at Dilema Veche and Aranka Takacs – manager of the International Jazz in the Park Competition.

There’s been over 7000 doners for the Jazz in the Park Fund

Not only did we break the record with 6.000 people listening to Nouvelle Vague (and the rainy days record as well), we also broke the record in what regards the Jazz in the Park Fund: with the help of over 7.000 people, we gathered 13.200 euro to finance cultural projects.

The fund raising campaign carries on and those who want to contribute can still buy non-mandatory tickets online to finance the graphic novel Fata Știmei Apelor, the journal An Almost Political Diary, the experimental concert Generique Interactiv, the touristic guide Illustrated Facts About Transylvania and Fotopia Collective.

The non-mandatory tickets are available here.

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